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Interior and home solutions for 

condominiums, BTOs and commercials.




What are you looking for? 


SHUBOX adopts an all-in-one price system that is transparent and easy to understand. Every built-in furniture in SHUBOX comes in a set price that include all the basics you need - solid plywood, HPL laminates, interior colour PVC, soft closing hardware, LED lights, delivery and installation. With prices prominently indicated, there is no additional cost no matter how you modify your pre-designed furniture within the stated sizes*. We take great pride to ensure that our products are of high quality and the finest designs.    

*charges applies for different hardware, accessories, height and width not within the standard or stipulated size given (stated).    


Shubox Design was conceived to provide home owners an easier way to achieve their dream homes with minimal fuss. By using our thoughtfully built-in furniture design templates, home owner's can now achieve a stylish home without the need for an Interior designer or excessive renovation works. We provide pre-designed, aesthetically delightful and hassle-free home decor solutions for the design-conscious and forward-thinking home owner. 

At Shubox, everything is made easy for you.

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I've heard good stuff from this company and seen a couple of their commercial work and was impressed.

2-3 weeks later we went for our viewing of the first draft and immediately fell in love with the designer's first take on the image we had in our mind. They managed to translate our vision into a detailed picture of how our first home would look like. From then on, it was just minor tweaks to the design. Every meetup was a joy with the owner entertaining us and advising us on what to look out for during planning and the renovation stages. Overall 2 thumbs up! Everyone who came to my place praised the looks and design!

Reg Teo


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