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The SHUBOX concept eliminates any complex home designing predicament homeowners might face through a range of built-in furnishing products that can be customised to fit every home. With our wide range of well-designed, quality furniture, we hope to simplify the home decoration process for the average person. Achieving your dream home has never been easier than this.


Many mass market home renovation firms offer low-priced renovation packages that promise homeowners a dream. By entrusting their home in the hands of an ID dream team, home-owners assume they can avoid the headache and expenses of renovating their homes themselves. Little did they know that these packages are a fantasy at best and a nightmare at worst. SHUBOX TRANS'PRICE'RANCY eliminates the unpleasant 'hidden costs' problems faced by most homeowners. All prices published are totally transparent - you know the exact price of each service, so you can cross out what is not necessary. 


When it comes to renovating a home, there are many factors to consider during the process - Painting, plumbing, lighting, haulage, etc. There is often much confusion when messages are being relayed via a third party. Homeowners are left disappointed when the end result is not what they had expected it to be. At SHUBOX, we provide free installation for most of our built-in furniture. You are encouraged to take charge and source for services that you feel are 

necessary for your home. By directly communicating with third party service providers, you can minimise miscommunication errors and improve the efficiency of your home renovation process. 


SHUBOX instant built in furnishing provides home-owners with an alternative to the current renovation predicament in the market. By combining our aesthetically appealing pre-designed built-in furniture with your soft furnishings, you will be able to achieve a designer home with minimal effort, fuss and costs. Here at SHUBOX, you can expect a hassle-free experience when you purchase any of our furniture. Get in touch with any of our interior advisers to achieve your dream space now! Don’t worry, it’s free of charge! 

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