Besides helping to block out the sun and reduce the amount of sun rays entering the room, curtains play an integral role in completing the look of your room while striking a balance between functionality and beauty. A curtain speaks volumes about an individual's personal taste and thoroughness. There are many steps to follow when choosing the perfect curtain for your home -  from choosing the curtain headings to the fabric. At Shubox, we provide you with a large variety of curtains to perfectly match your home. Read on to find out more!



Day and night curtains are meant for the different times of day - day curtains are translucent allowing soft natural light while the night curtains thick and opaque designed to block out the light completely.


Pinch pleat curtain heading consists of single, double or triple pleats sewn together to create a formal look.


 Get inspired with a wide range of patterns and designs here at Shubox! Visit us at our showroom to see and feel it for yourself!

Shubox Design Pte Ltd is a built-in furniture design firm and retailer that specialises in fuss free built-in furniture and homeware solutions. We aim to bring your dream home to life with minimal fuss. Everyday, we are working hard to widen our product offerings without compromising on quality.

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