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I came across Shubox Design when looking for a TV wall, but after visiting their showroom, we were really impressed by their sleek designs and modern kinda-minimalist-but-just-enough-to-look-really-classy style. So in addition to our (awesome) Loft TV wall, we also had our lighting done by Shubox, and I really love the look of the downlights and cove lights! Thomas is also super easy to work with and gives fantastic design advice! All in all, we paid a very reasonable price and it made our apartment so much more gorgeous and comfortable. Thanks Shubox!

Fantastic design advise.

Joyce Ong - Highline Condo

Obtain a bray tv console. Can say it was totally awesome! 

1. With the basic structure, thomas allows for modifications around the structure to cater for my entertainment system

2. Wide array of choices of colours for the console. Totally spoilt for choice.

3. Installation guys are very experienced. Cater to all my requests as well (eg. Electrical outlets, electrical wiring structure etc) they also build around my home existing structure, so minimal electrical works required.

Totally recommend shubox! Thumbs up!

Totally spoilt for choice.

Wang Qilu - Compassvale

I've heard good stuff from this company and seen a couple of their commercial work and was impressed. I basically gave them a few points/themes to follow on how I want and expect my first home to be and the owner spent sometime getting to know me and my wife to better understand our characteristics to get a feel of what are our do's and don'ts. 2-3 weeks later we went for our viewing of the first draft and immediately fell in love with the designer's first take on the image we had in our mind. They managed to translate our vision into a detailed picture of how our first home would look like. From then on, it was just minor tweaks to the design. Every meetup was a joy with the owner entertaining us and advising us on what to look out for during planning and the renovation stages. Overall 2 thumbs up! Everyone who came to my place praised the looks and design!

2 Thumbs up

Reg Teo - CCK

Prior to engaging Thomas, we had shortlisted a couple of IDs whom we were thinking of signing up with. The purpose then was to reach out to Thomas about his predesigned TV wall as we were contemplating between customizing one from scratch and going for the predesigned ones that he has. Guess we were sold more than a TV wall after the first meeting by Thomas' earnestness and sincerity in helping us to build our first nest within our budget. We were glad we did not make a wrong choice in engaging Thomas and his team though there were some glitches (which we believed it happens in all reno!). He was very quick to resolve all issues and we can rely on him totally amidst our busy work schedules to get it sorted like our home was his! :). Instead, we appeared to be the more laid back ones. Thank you Thomas and team for making the whole reno journey a pleasant and fun one!

Great and prompt service rendered!

Jeremy & Amy - Depot Road

I chanced upon Shubox Design on Facebook and started to contact Thomas on the possibility of engaging his professional service in desiging my home. Initially, before the meet up, I have had a extremely bad experience with other interior designers, where they will only design for you upon your initial deposit of 10%. I had the impression that Shubox will be the same but I was wrong. My first meet up with Thomas was a smooth one as he guided me through what is necessary for my house and he patiently listened to my ideas for my house. In the 1.5 hrs of discussion, he gave me a very comprehensive layout of what my house can be like. At this point, he was not pushy, neither was he asking for cash upfront for his design "to be out". On the day I had obtained my keys, he went up on the same day to view the house and took measurement of my house. What happend next did shock me; he gave my wife and I a soft copy design of his idea for our living area (without any cash still at this stage neither did I firmed up with him to engage his services). My wife and I were pleased and after some careful discussion, we decided to proceed with Shubox Design. What we really felt comfortable was the openness of his pricing on his webpage and his professional advice on "constructing of the necessary for the house and not over-paying for the unncessary" After the defects checks were done, I proceeded to hand over Thomas my house keys to take charge for my renovation. At this stage, like any new home owner, I was still apprehensive on the after sale service and proceeded to text him almost everyday for updates. After 2 days of incessant bugging, my mind was finally assured when I see the speed and quality of work done. Honestly, the workmanship done was of quality and the speed of the progress did not compromise on the workmanship. Every single detail was answered to, including updates on the progress of the house through and through to the minute detail of the house. Upon the final completion of the project, my wife and I were proud of our choice. I would definitely recommend Thomas to my friends (of which I had introduced). All the best for Shubox Design and thanks again Thomas and team for the help!

Reliable designer and good services rendered

Andrew - Bellewoods Condo

Working with Thomas is pleasant. He was always helpful and provided all convenience for us, such as changing payment method , on site measurement and confirmation after installation. Nice experience and good service from Thomas!

Good service

Angela - Trilinq Condo

Was really unsure of what feature wall to do in my bedroom and after calling shubox, I was very much assured of what to do. They were extremely fast in coming down to my house and doing the measurements and also recommended us the colour we should use. The end product looked so nice and made the bedroom look so much neater! Thumbs up to these guys!!!

Tv Wall

Sukraaj Singh - Tampines

 Thomas and Weisin thank you for the beautiful work! Thomas and Weisin were professional, approachable and patient with my many questions! Their attention to details and timely updates were refreshing. It gave me peace of mind working with them. I highly recommend them after having worked with many contractors and designers.

Great Designers!

Jacqueline - Buangkok

 Thomas is always prompt in answering our queries from time to time. He also kept us up to date constantly regarding the progress of the renovation. He has unique taste when choosing the items for the house, in terms of aesthetics and also practicality.

Renovation @ 38C Bendemeer Road

Eric Chew - Bendemeer

Working with Thomas for my 5 room BTO was such a nice and wonderful experience. We went thru the renovation so smoothly and it was FUN. He is always coming out with solutions even when some of my own DIY projects went south. He is great with details and always remembering the fundamentals of my design requirements. My wife and I are very satisfied with his professional service. Both thumbs up!

Fun and Hassle free experience

Sunny Chia - Tampines

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